What intrigues about software development is the possibility to solve complex problems and build large systems through abstraction. I find great enjoyment in creating software for people to experience, while I get to work with logical systems to understand the services I use myself on a daily basis.

Most of the major school projects I have been involved in, or created myself, are available on GitHub. Some examples include building a MiniJava compiler to Jasmin assembly code, building a voxel landscape renderer using Perlin noise, developing QWait, the next generation lab queueing system for KTH CSC, and building a program for classifying song lyrics using sentiment analysis.

Additional project information is available on LinkedIn or my KTH website.


My current code project is to write an interpreter in Haskell for my made-up non-functional programming language Bigot.

Game Development

I work as a programmer at Paradox Development Studio, where I also did my Master thesis. For my thesis, I created a method for testing networked lockstep games for synchronisation problems using Python and C++, and evaluated it on the game Europa Universalis IV. I have created a couple of simplistic games like Another Game on my spare time using Java and Slick2D.

My latest finished game is a variant of Snake written in Lua using the LÖVE library. It’s called Lua Love Snake, and you can check it out at its GitHub page. I’ve also made a simple text-based adventure game in C++ at KTH, and I’ve dabbled with the SFML C++ game library.

Web Development

I’ve been involved in a fair bit of web development, mostly at work, but also in school. Personally I have this website to maintain, and I’ve also started a Go Google App Engine application which I will probably scrap. Apart from helping to build QWait with Java/Spring, and JavaScript/AngularJS, I updated and enhanced a website for product substitution at Ericsson which was built using VB.NET and Microsoft SQL Server.

During one summer I worked as a web developer at 5 Monkeys, where I continued the development of a website for a major chain of building suppliers. We exclusively used open source technologies like Python, Django and PostgreSQL.