What intrigues about software development is the possibility to solve complex problems and build large systems through abstraction. I find great enjoyment in creating software for people to experience, while I get to work with logical systems to understand the services I use myself on a daily basis.

Most of the major school projects I have been involved in, or created myself, are available on GitHub. Some examples include building a MiniJava compiler to Jasmin assembly code, building a voxel landscape renderer using Perlin noise, developing QWait, the next generation lab queueing system for KTH CSC, and building a program for classifying song lyrics using sentiment analysis.

Additional project information is available on LinkedIn or my KTH website.

Game Development

I work as a programmer at Paradox Development Studio, where I also did my Master thesis. For my thesis, I created a method for testing networked lockstep games for synchronisation problems using Python and C++, and evaluated it on the game Europa Universalis IV. I have created a couple of simplistic games like Another Game on my spare time using Java and Slick2D.

My latest finished game is a variant of Snake written in Lua using the LÖVE library. It is called Lua Love Snake, and you can check it out at its GitHub page. I have also made a simple text-based adventure game in C++ at KTH. My current game project is made in C++ using the SFML library.

Web Development

I have been involved in a fair amount of web development, mostly at work, but also in school. Personally I have this website to maintain, and I have also started a Go Google App Engine application which I will probably scrap. Apart from helping to build QWait with Java/Spring, and JavaScript/AngularJS, I updated and enhanced a website for product substitution at Ericsson which was built using VB.NET and Microsoft SQL Server.

During one summer I worked as a web developer at 5 Monkeys, where I continued the development of a website for a major chain of building suppliers. We exclusively used open source technologies like Python, Django and PostgreSQL.