Music has always been an integral part of my life, electronic music in particular. I have since 2008 had a music project on an on-and-off basis, which I currently spend little time with as I primarily focus on my software development skills.

I use Renoise for producing unstructured and somewhat ambiguous electronic music spanning different genres. You will find my complete discography at Bandcamp, and you can find songs, samples and ideas over at SoundCloud.

One of my dreams is to learn how to play piano.


In January 2016 I released the five-track EP Pessimist, which consists of four tracks I made after I decided to completely stop using tweaked presets and start using proper scales. The fifth track is a cover of Todd Terje’s “Inspector Norse”.


Spotify has allowed me to discover vast amounts of new music and it is essentially the sole way I consume music. Check out my Spotify profile for some sweet playlists!

I have been scrobbling since 2007, so you can find listening data galore over at my profile.