I have since August 2016 worked as a programmer at Paradox Development Studio. Video games has always been one of my largest interests, and being able to combine this passion with my love for software development is wonderful.

In the past I have devoted my entire summer holidays at KTH to working, in order to gain experince, develop my skills and expand my professional network. Doing so has given me a greater understanding for how the proficiencies I gained from KTH can be applied to real-world problems, and it has been a catalyst for my focus to build a strong theoretical foundation through education.

Practical Experience

I’ve spent 1.5 years working on the 4X grand strategy video game Stellaris at Paradox Development Studio (PDS), where my contributions can be seen from the expansion Leviathans to the expansion Apocalypse (inclusive). My work mostly revolved around gameplay programming, but I was in particular responisble for multiplayer stability. I also contributed in other areas such as graphics and scripting. Currently I’m involved in a secret project at PDS.

The summer of 2015 was spent working as a web developer at 5 Monkeys, where I continued the development of a website for a major chain of building suppliers. I worked with features, fixes and integration of a new product segment. The work climate was relaxed but focused, and we valued dynamic development with close customer collaboration. This blog post describes some takeaway points from my time at 5 Monkeys.

In the summer of 2014 I worked at Fortum where I created an Excel tool for downloading, interpreting, managing and uploading urgent energy market information. I also created an Excel test suite for a database plugin. We used agile methodologies with daily meetings and goals to make sure the work was going in the right direction. See this blog post for a reflection on my Fortum experience.

During the summer holiday of 2013 I worked at Ericsson, where I updated end enhanced an internal website for product substitution. I was the sole developer on the project, which demanded responsability and feedback to secure its success.

For a full list of work and work-related projects, check out my LinkedIn profile.

Master Thesis

I did my Master thesis at Paradox Development Studio, where I looked at detection of synchronisation problems in networked lockstep games. You can find the report here.


If you want a traditional CV document, just contact me and I will be happy to send it to you. Otherwise I recommend visiting my LinkedIn profile for a more complete CV.